Image bearers

Gen 1:26-28

We are “humans designed to function like angeled mirrors” NT Wright

Purpose in life with God is not about living sin-free before God even though that is important, but to worship God and reflect him by living like Jesus example, doing his task, work towards a new earth and a new heaven.

Being saved is just the door. Making disciples that extend the Kingdom is the task.

Humans are to act on Gods behalf on this earth, but that only works through true worshippers, those will be humble enough to be entrusted with his stewardship.

Human vocation is to be image bearers – to reflect God.

The first sin is idiolotry wich is opposite to worship God, you then worship someone or something else.

That’s why we pray, Lord let YOUR will be done, let YOUR Kingdom come, not mine.

Only in his perfect will fulfills our purpose in life. To reflect God on earth, to ambassador and rule his Kingdom here on earth.

That is to be Christlike.

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