Come follow me

This week I read an article with the headline stating: “What would Jesus say to a transgender person?”

Many responded with suggestions that Jesus would have said everything from “God just loves you the way you are” to the other ditch, “Repent or die…”.

Well what would Jesus say then?

If we look in the gospels we will find that Jesus was the friend of sinners, but the judge over the scribes that was hypocrites according to Jesus. Jesus response to sinners was: “Can I come home and eat with you” and “Come and follow me“.

I also read yet another article this week that asked the question: “Do you remember the top three sermons that changed your life?” or “Do you remember the top three persons that changed your life?”

The article enlightened what you already now started to reflect over, yes the persons that helped me with my first steps as a believer I very much remember but the sermons I do not really remember that well. Actually many of us even do not remember last Sunday sermon.

What does this tells us?

Could it be that a Church that focus to much on meetings might be missing the point?

Sermons might not really make disciples, even though it is important with teaching and preaching!

Luke puts it this way: ”In the first book, O Theophilus, I have dealt with all that Jesus began to do and teach,”.

First do, then teach!

If this is the Jesus way to do things? Why then are we focusing so much to set up right light, sound, seats, praise, worship – meetings that should make an impact, when we instead should make disciples in our daily life, train and teach them as we walk.

The disciples that changed the world, did not come from church meetings but from where Jesus met them in their job situation, on the streets or under a tree.

My point is, discipleship comes out of your life if someone is following you. To have someone following you means you need to find people to invest in. That means it must be more than two hours every Sunday.

My other reflection based on “Come and follow me is”…

When Jesus saw the sin in you and me, he did not say: “Make sure you are sin free Andreas, come then and follow me”. No he just says: “Come and follow me”.

Jesus do not first come with pointers but instead says: “Come, walk with me, follow me, learn from me and I will change your life”.

We have been so molded in religion and church life with what is right and wrong, that we think discipleship is to tell the world what is right and wrong.

Yes we should be the salt & light of the world but mainly to those that follows us, those that learn from us, those that wants to grow with God – those that call themselves followers of Christ.

Meetings have not changed this world but discipleship will.

Telling the world right and wrong have not improved the world but discipleship will.

So what do we say to a sinful world – Come follow me!

It all starts from there. If Jesus used that model, why then not us?

But be prepared, this will need yours and my life to be changed. From showing up on Sunday meetings to spend time during the entire week with people.

Therefor, go out today and invite people to start to follow you. You might be surprised, the calling you thought was within the church walls might very well be in your daily life.

Actually I believe the seasons for many meetings and big conferences have come to an end. I believe the season to make disciples has come.

Come follow me – regards Jesus

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