Fair Trade Coffee or speaking in tounges?

When growing up I belonged to an evangelical stream that had a spiritual focus, I got saved thanks to them, but most of its focus was on social justice.

I remember I was told not to buy petrol from Shell that had a lot of its refinery in South Africa, and due to the apartheid system we should not support them. I was told what coffee that should be bought, Fair Trade, nothing else and of course not to buy fruit from Israel due to their oppression of the Palestines.

Then in the mid 80-ties we as a family got touched by a spiritual renewal, and the spiritual realm opened up in a total new way. It was such a blessing and we studied the bible, got filled with the spirit, prayed in tongues, prophesied and had visions. We saw healings, deliverance, other spiritual manifestation and learned to understand how the gifts of the Spirit together with the anointing worked. The focus then was mostly on the spiritual and not on social justice.

But as the years went buy I started to understand that for God, there are not such a thing as separation between, it comes as a package. Therefore the authors of the Gospels emphasized “Jesus in the flesh”, see Gnosticism.

In the beginning God put man in Eden to both rule, develop and take care of the creation. But it was not a mandate separated from being together with God, have fellowship with God, – it walked together.

When Jesus was coming to earth as both God and human, his message was back to basic. Relation with the Father and extending his Kingdom on earth, that was what Jesus talked by far most about. Then the Atonement- His salvation on the cross, was not mainly for our souls to be saved but to put everything back on track with us and with the creation.

Mankind had lost his mandate both to rule, develop and care for the creation, but also to fellowship with God as in a family relation. Everything had become religious. Jesus emphasized both God as the father and not a religious God like the Gods mankind then prayed to and the Kingdom mandate to rule, develop and manage the whole creation.

His message was, we are a royal family with a royal mission to extend his Kingdom on earth.

The back to basic message is ever so important today as back then. Kingdom activity needs to go hand in hand with a relation with the Father. You cannot choose being “spiritual” and not take care of this creation and the people on it. You cannot on the other hand work only with social justice and not serve Jesus as King in your life.

Kingdom of God is amongst you only when Jesus is King in your life, when you and I live for Christ and in Christ. This is our values, our fuel to save the world.

Therefor work for Fair Trade Coffee should walk hand in hand with the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit. That is Kingdom in its core.

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