Lauren Daigle on Ellen

Because Ellen Degeneres is openly gay, some Christians are critical of Daigle’s decision to sing on the show. “You’re very talented, but you’re being blinded by fame,” one writes online. Another says, “How is she letting her light shine…if she didn’t even declare Jesus Christ and the gospel at all she just came on there to sing.”

This is for me a typical mindset of old wrong Church mentality. Let’s keep as far away from the world and it’s sins, then maybe we can survive in this life and come to heaven. Or even more, do not participate with sinners as you then indirectly approve their life.

Kingdom minded, like Jesus, entered to the sinners. Actually he spent more time with them than in the temple. Fair to say, he also spent time in the temple. It is the mindset I disprove.

Why are we so afraid becoming contaminated of the world that we hide in our own sub-culture called church.

Kingdom minded people know they are both priests and kings, they can operate in any part of the world with no fear, but instead with dominion to be contagious with Spirit filled life.

Religion is focused on, separate your self from the world, but Kingdom is, impact the world, make it better, be true Salt & Light into this world, let your light shine!

That can not be done within the walls of the Church, but instead why not at Ellen Degeneres show, especially as she is open with her gay lifestyle.

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