What to talk about

Did you know that Jesus at only four occasion in the gospels talked about the Church, but 117 times talked about the Kingdom? Only once he talked about to be born again. However we as church has talked mostly about to be born again and less about Kingdom. Something to reflect over!

There are two rule of thumb that is good to use when we study the bible.

1.What the bible talks a lot about also we should talk a lot about, and what the bible do not talk so much about, we should not either talk so much about.

2. The other one is to understand that the Bible is the word of God, written by man, throughout the history. Which means we need to reflect over the historic context, and what the writer tried to push on, but still accept it is Gods word.

Does this mean we should not talk about the Church? Of course we should, based from the letters of Paul and the catholic letters we understand that the church and the body of Christ was and is very important. However using this thumb of rule, I think we have neglected or missed a lot understandning of the Kingdom, reason why we on this blogg will focus on digging into what we believe the Kingdom is, what its role in todays world is and where we are supposed to be in this equation.

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